A Guide to starting your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a channel or a medium through which you can educate people and share your views and ideas about certain elements across the globe. There are around 300 hours of videos being posted on YouTube every hour. And when you need something as an audience, you would just type some text related to that on the search bar and will get all matching results.

How YouTube ranks a video

YouTube search engine also works around keywords, but it also considers how people are reacting to it. In case people are liking, sharing and commenting on your YouTube channel, then every aspect adds to the likability or trend ability. make  your channel high, by  buy YouTube comments likes & dislikes . This trend decides how YouTube will rank your channel and video. There is no cost of idling up your channel on YouTube. However, there could other costs to promote your channel to brand on YouTube. This is how they earn their profits.

How to set up a YouTube channel?

Setting up a YouTube channel can also be useful to solve most asked questions about your brand and provide knowledge about your products or brand to other people. You can set up a channel you can build beautiful videos related to the topic you want to create awareness for and post them on YouTube. Now what you do with these videos is another step. You can either embed these videos on your blogs, websites or email to let people know about your brand. Or you can use them to promote your brand.

Promoting your brand on YouTube

To start promotions, you don’t necessarily require a YouTube channel. You can have small snippets of advertisement which can be displayed in between other popular channels. Or else you can pay influencers to promote your product with YouTube Promotions and create awareness about your brand on their channels. This is a whole together different game. You can contact YouTube customer care to know more about how to promote your product on YouTube with paid promotions. You can also contact various branding agencies that help you not only with YouTube promotions, will help you with creating content.

Apart from YouTube, there are several other video sharing platforms, however, they are not as popular as YouTube. Like Google is synonymous with text searching, YouTube is synonymous with video-based searching. These other platforms are Vimeo, Facebook, and Flickr. Also, the motive of these other brands is different from what YouTube does for you.